Where Were You the Day President Kennedy Was Shot?

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about the event that stunned a nation.
Many of us remember November 22, 1963, including exactly where we were, and how we felt.
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Twelve year old girl standing at the corner of Main & Houston

My friend Becki Wells asked me to go see the President.  We rode in to work with her daddy who was a lawyer in the red brick building on Main Street.  We arrived around 8 am.  We had our spot at the curb long before any crowds came.  All around us people were cheering, laughing, whistling.  Everyone so excited waiting for the motorcade. 

President Kennedy’s thick hair shined like a new copper penny in the sunlight. 

The crowd surged wanting to get closer to JFK & it pushed Becki & I into the street.  A motorcycle policeman alongside the president almost ran over my foot. The car turned right onto Houston Street. 

I was looking across the grassy area of Dealey Plaza when I heard a pow…..then 2 rapid pow, pows. 

At first I thought it was a car backfiring & echoing off of the tall buildings.  Then I see people throwing themselves down to the ground & I see a man jump on the President’s car & it speeds away.  The cheering turned to sirens, people running all different directions, & hearing a radio announce the president has been shot & taken to Parkland hospital.  I felt so frightened that day & ashamed & confused & guilty.  In February I gave my telephone interview to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.  I am grateful to finally be able to share what I saw, heard & felt that day in Dallas.

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