Where Were You the Day President Kennedy Was Shot?

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Many of us remember November 22, 1963, including exactly where we were, and how we felt.
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The Riderless Horse

I was 12 years old and an 8th grade student in a Catholic grammar school in Brooklyn, New York.  We were sitting in class when a nun tapped on the door and asked the nun who was our teacher to step outside the classroom.  One of the nuns cried out.  As school let out, a fellow student said the President was shot and is dead.  I remember I didn’t believe her; I thought she was making up a story because we were being dismissed early.  The next thing I remember is watching the funeral on television and seeing the “riderless horse” who seemed to be a problem to the soldier trying to walk with him.  I still have a scrap book I started the weekend after President Kennedy died, mostly made up of newspaper and magazine pictures and articles published in the months following the assassination.   

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